Talking walls (2016)

Format: digital

Description: Noemi had been at Gustavo Mollo’s house when he had just moved in and returned 6 years later. The space had not only been modified by Gustavo’s intervention but by life itself and even by the presence of another inhabitant, the cat Guiomar. The color palette of wall papers, fabrics, furnitures, objects, plants, wall collages made out of newspaper… that had been carefully chosen in its moment not only matched fantastically with the habitat, they seemed to have penetrated each other. The raw materials and the rough conditions of the habitat had left consequences during the time passing: wood fissures, rising damps, peeling paint, cracked tiles, ripped wall papers… These accidents were now meeting randomly with the actual DIY design. The interesting point in this union was that neither parts were taking over each other. Aesthetics and haphazard had formed a new dialog and interpretation of the space, art seemed to have emerged from it.

Ventallo (2016)

Format: digital

Description: Wire fences, spiderwebs and branches.

Noemi Sjoberg © 2017