Meanwhile [Featured project]

Noemi Sjoberg
Format: 3 channel video installation 4k
Synopsis: In Barcelona, near the Plaza de las Glòries, several plots of land are covered with shanties that coexist with the new towers and high-tech buildings.


From September 17-th until November 2-nd Show of the video "Summer night" at the 17-th INTERBIFEP, International Biennial Festival of Portrait Tuzla 2018, The Center of culture Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegowina)

17th-21th of September Selected artist to participate in the workshop with Gary Hill “Alteraciones Cognitivas” during the festival Proyector Madrid (Spain)

15th of September Solar Embajadores 18, Sede Plaza Lavapiés at Proyector Madrid (Spain)

July 14-20 Young Spirit of Europe program of the 25 jubilee at European Film Festival Palić Palić (Serbia)

From 1st of June to 31st of July Solo exhibition at Agencia de Tránsitos Culturales Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)

From June 17th to September 16th group exhibition "BIFURQUER, 20é édition de L'art chemin faisant" curated by Christophe Desforges at l’Atelier d’Estienne, Centre d'art contemporain Pont-Scorff, Bretagne (FRANCE)

18th of May and 2 of June show of the video "Shadows" at Oodaaq Festival 2018, Rennes and St Malo (FRANCE)

May5th “Shadows” will be presented at the Internacional Short Film festival Oberhausen through my distributor Filmform at Lichtburg Filmpalast Star, Oberhausen (Germany)

Noemi Sjoberg © 2017