LITTLE ME (work in progress)

View installation: 2’16’’

Format: interactive video installation prototype

Description: This video shows 2 prototypes of the installation Little me. A simple version and an extended version with building plans.In the installation, the public test his senses, he sees his perception altered,facing up to an image of itself which is not the expected one.  


Duration: loop

View installation: 2’14’’

Format: video installation

Description: The video installation En mouvement is a corridor (5m60 x 2m40, 90cm width) inclined at 70 degrees. “En mouvement” is made for one person at a time. The spectator enters from the middle of the corridor, on the two extremes sides the same projection is shown, like a mirror image. The images project the filming of a wandering through the space itself, by a constantly restless camera.  The presence of these images together with the challenging geometry of the space provokes a sensorial alteration that turns into imbalance. This alteration lasts a tenth of a second when the spectator leaves the installation; the environment seems to be in movement. It is in this instant that the work becomes reality, a way for sensorial experience of movement and space. The goal of the work is simply to provoke the consciousness of movement.


Duration: loop

View installation: 3’40’’

Format: video installation

Description: The installation has the form of a cube in a quiet and dark place. The video is projected on the cube. When the spectator enters in the installation they find themselves in a homogenous and light space. They feel immerged in the projection that covers the entire cube. Timed precisely, subtle changes are perceived to their limit of perceptible, at the frontier of the real/ unreal. This provokes a disturbance in the spectator: ¿optical alteration, illusion or reality?


Duration: from 22sec to 1mn depending on the dimensions of the installation

View installation: 3’23’’

Format: interactive video-sound installation

Description: The installation has the form of a corridor and one of its sides is a screen. When someone enters in the corridor, on the screen appears an unfocused image. Slowly, it comes into focus. The time in which the image becomes recognisable is brief.  The corridor’s dimensions modify the perception of the image so that there is no distance to be able to contemplate the image in its real scale. The image is a portrait of the spectator.
The sound intensifies the state of suspension that provokes the time of transformation of the image (around 30s). The sound is created from pure frequencies. A piercing tone and a deep non-continuous pulse.


Duration: 2’

View installation: 2’48’’

Format: interactive video-sound installation

Description: The spectator enters in an octagonal room, sound proofed semi darkness: an echoless effect like a metaphor of the world of thoughts. I used 4 speakers with a spatialisation program, the voices appear, disappear, cross over, some are far and some are close.
The voices say sentences in French but are phonetically pronounced in Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Creole, creating an ambiguity: the sense is altered and it becomes an imaginary language. The text was written in French, this one was translated from one language to another  (total 20 languages), coming back to French, changing its form. These sentences have then been divided into subject, verb, object complement and then united by combinations of sentences totally at random.
Coming out from the installation, the spectator perceives a video image that makes -in real time- a zoom backwards on itself, to real scale. The spectator is “between two”, first in front of an abstract picture and then in front of himself