Like themselves [Featured project]

Noemi Sjoberg
Format: video HD 3'03''
Description: “Like themselves” explores the idea of bodily habitus, of conduct, of generational transmission. In the video, we follow a girl in Nazaré, who has learned the work of a "beach attendant" while we watch an old woman doing the same task. A daily scene which, in its naturalness, reveals essential questions of identity and human nature. The similarity between the 2 characters is such that one could be the youth of the other or vice versa; they seem to form two ages of one single being.


2021 Site specific commission and residence at L'Iconothèque historique de l'océan Indien, Patrimoine et création, Département de la Réunion, Saint-Denis (FR)

20th of May Premiere of Public wash-house at “Traverse video”, Toulouse, France

January 2021 Beques per a la recerca i la innovació en els àmbits de les arts visuals, dels nous sectors creatius, de les arts escèniques, de la música i del pensament, Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona (SP)

Dec 15th 2020 -Jan 10th 2021 - Monographic video exhibition at Flux, Festival de vídeo d'autor, Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona (SP)

Nov 14th - Dec 17th 2020 - Solo exhibition “Cambios de lugar” at Galería Uxval Gochez , Loop City Screen program, view the exhibition in 3D at Barcelona Gallery Weekend, RedCollectors Barcelona (España)

Noemi Sjoberg © 2019